Sponsor and support an artisan

The donations that are destined to the artisans of Pile, are invested in lasts, plates, molds, etc.
Artisan walks with the toquilla collected for the manufacture of fine hats

Donations are used to purchase materials for the manufacture of hats such as ribbons, tafiletes, irons, molds, lasts, boxes, packaging, etc. As well as to support craftsmen in situations of punctual precariousness.

Donations for artisans of Pile, Montecristi

Domingo Carranza as a community leader watches over the day-to-day life of his commune, Pile, where not all artisans and their families are so fortunate to be able to live with dignity from their labor. Therefore these donations are of great importance, to preserve this ancient art and ensure that it is not extinguished by the lack of attractiveness to new generations.


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