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How to buy a hat on 


We invite you to interact with our website You can find all our products and weekly updates on the home page or browse the navigation bar at the top of each page. It's simple, click on the section of your preference and then click on the links to see the different categories. 

Once you have made your selection, choose your size and click on "add". When you want to complete your purchase, click on "my purchase" and go to the payment process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 


Can I cancel or modify an order for a handicraft?   


If you consider canceling or modifying an order, we recommend you to do it as soon as possible, we can make changes or cancel as long as the order is still in our logistics center. However, we do not guarantee the cancellation or modification of the order if it is already in the hands of the courier. 

If upon receipt of your order you wish to return it, please refer to the return section on this website.


How can I customize my Panama hat?   


All our models and qualities can be finished with feathers, ribbons, bow ties, gold or silver badges, once received the request for customization we will notify you the acceptance of such changes and the price for such customization. 

Additionally in the qualities Super Fine Montecristi, Extra Fine Montecristi, Montecristi MoMA and Montecristi Jewel, we receive completely customized orders, where we can execute the manufacture with special sizes, particular models, special colors, designs, finishes, etc. These special orders are made in writing using a form that you can request at Once received it we will contact you to confirm all specifications.  


What are the benefits of creating a Domingo Carranza account?  


Creating and using a Domingo Carranza account grants you:   


Several shipping and billing addresses to make the payment process faster and more effective. 

Save content from your shopping cart for later viewing. 

Quickly enter your order information and history. 

Save your credit card information to expedite future purchases. 

Manage a list of saved products. 

Know the recommended items according to your tastes and preferences. 

Priority and exclusive access to important discounts that we usually make. 




What products are available at 


Domingo Carranza's handmade hats are only available online. If you want a specific model or design contact us through to make a custom order.  


How many units of each product can I buy in   


You can buy as many products as you want, for corporate sales please contact us via email 


How do I know what my size is?   


Go to "your hat" and then to "sizes" that will take you to the size guide of our Panama Hats or click on Sizes. 


How can I choose the ribbon I prefer for my hat?   


Go to "your hat" and then to "ribbons" that will take you to the list of available ribbons to customize your hat or click on Ribbons. Once you made a choice let us know in the comments section when placing your order. 


What are the qualities of our Panama hats?  


The qualities of our Panama Hats are standardized with the grade of quality that is a relation between the quantity of times that the straws are crossed in a square inch and the correct execution of the weave, being directly proportional the quality of the hat with its grade. In a generic way we work with 7 levels of quality, which are: Cuenca, Montecristi, Fine Montecristi, Super Fine Montecristi, Extra Fine Montecristi, MoMa and Jewel. 

If you want to know more about the subject, go to "your hat" and then to "grades and qualities" or click on Grades and Quality that will take you to an exhaustive explanation about the subject, as well as the list of the different levels of quality. Once you made a choice, you must buy the product with the size and quality you have chosen. 


How do I know if a product is available and how soon will it be delivered?


When you select the Panama hat you want to buy, our website will tell you the availability information and the estimated shipping time during the checkout process. These deadlines are approximate, we always try to send the order in the shortest time possible, although it should be noted that given the artisan nature of our products, in the case of hats of higher qualities these deadlines are adequate to complete the execution of the weave and the final finish that the customer wants.   


Why do prices vary so much from one hat to another?  


The price of Panama Hats vary according to the grade of quality, that is to say the greater grade, greater quality of the hat, greater quantity of months dedicated to weaving it, greater fineness in the weave, greater quantity of straw strands to make the hat, greater level of selection and care in the disposition of the straws that draw the Panama hat itself, with its random geometric designs. Therefore, the price is notoriously higher than in a hat of inferior quality, to understand it better we have made a scale with 7 levels of quality:  


Cuenca Quality 

Montecristi Quality 

Fine Montecristi Quality 

Super Fine Montecristi Quality 

Extra Fine Montecristi Quality 

MoMA Quality  

Jewel Quality 


How do I know if a product I have is authentic? 


If you purchased the Panama hat at, you will receive the documentation along with the hat you purchased. This documentation consists of a certificate of authenticity signed by Domingo Carranza, with the identification of the master craftsman, additionally includes the history of your hat and the log that is the document that must always accompany the hat in case it is given, transferred, inherited or sold to someone else. In the same way, the certificate is individualized by means of the quality control photograph, which is taken before leaving the workshop. Day by day we work to guarantee a hat of maximum quality and of course, its authenticity. 




What payment methods do you accept?  


We accept the following forms of payment:  



American Express



It is important that your billing address matches the address on your credit card statement.   


My order has been rejected, do I have to make a new one? 


If you receive an email informing you that your order has been cancelled, please place a new order online or write to to clarify the issue. 




What are the shipping costs? 


Shipping costs are subject to the place where you have indicated that your order should arrive. However, as a general rule, the following provisions apply.  


Purchases over 400USD are free of charge

Purchases in mainland Spain, where our logistics centre is located, have free shipping costs. 


Shipments to USA, Canada, European Union, have shared shipping costs, in order to be as economical as possible. 


Shipping costs for other countries, are subject to a quote on Pro.Packlink shipping auction platform where we try to negotiate the best rates for each country of destination, always maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.  


Where does ship to?  


The Domingo Carranza brand makes international and local shipments, to these countries, if you require a shipment to a country that is not listed, please write to 


North America 



British Virgin Islands


Grand Cayman Islands

United States


Central America


Costa Rica

El Salvador




South America











Middle East


Abu Dhabi











Saudi Arabia


South Pacific





New Zealand







South Africa





















Northern Ireland














Hong Kong










South Korea





Is it necessary to sign for my order’s the delivery?


Yes, at the moment that the carrier gives you your hat, it is important to sign because in this way you accept and are satisfied with our product. For any procedure or claim is essential the delivery document signed by the owner of the Panama hat.

For security reasons, all Domingo Carranza online purchases require an adult’s signature at the time of delivery.


When will my order be delivered? 


The delivery of your Panama hat will take place in the shortest time possible, taking into account that it is a handcrafted product, of the highest quality, which is being manufactured and finished according to your preferences, the grade and finish you have chosen. As a general rule, delivery times are divided into 3 sections. 5 to 8 working days for hats of the qualities Cuenca, Montecristi and Fine Montecristi, as long as they are available ready for immediate dispatch. 15 to 30 days for Super Fine hats as long as they are available for immediate dispatch and 30 to 45 days for Extra Fine, MoMA and Jewel hats. As long as they are available for immediate dispatch. In any case, we always ship as soon as possible and before expiring the deadline.


Can I know the status of my order? 


When your order is shipped from our logistics center to the address you have indicated, we will inform you via email with the tracking number of the carrier so that you can verify the status of your shipment. If you have any doubt about this, please contact us at


Can I remove, modify or retrieve an item from my shopping cart? 


Yes, as long as your order is in the shopping cart and you have not finished with the payment process.


What about customs duties and taxes? 


Crafts are exempt in many countries from the application of taxes or legalization fees. Many countries allow their citizens to purchase abroad an annual amount of goods or services that are exempt from nationalization taxes or fees.  Additionally, purchases abroad up to certain amounts are not taxed or have nationalization fees. Our shipments always travel with the necessary documentation, so that the customs procedure is the fastest, cheapest and simplest for our clients. However, it is essential to note that all import taxes or fees for nationalization and / or legalization are customer’s responsibility.




What is the return policy? How many days do I have to return a product? 


The return policies are in the Artisan Sales Clause (ASC). You have 3 days to let us know if you want to return your order.


How can I return a product? 


To return a product you must contact us via email within a maximum of 3 days after receiving the hat, it is also essential that the hat is in perfect condition for the return to be accepted. 


How long does it take for the refund to be made?


The refund time is subject to the conditions of the bank with which the payments have been made. 


Can I return a customized item? 


The hats customized by the client are exclusive, given that they have been elaborated under your tastes and preferences therefore they cannot be returned. 


Can I pack a hat and return it to the sender's address, without notifying the return at


Returns are communicated to within a maximum of 3 days after receipt,  if the return is approved, the product is sent to the address we confirmed in writing. Only if this procedure is fulfilled and when the shipment is received the hat passes the inspection that considers the article accepted in perfect conditions, we can guarantee the refund of the money.




Can my purchase come gift wrapped?


Yes, we can gift wrap your purchase. 


Can I order corporate gifts on the website? 


Yes, to place corporate orders you must first contact us at 




Where can I buy authentic Panama Domingo Carranza hats?


Domingo Carranza products are totally authentic and are accompanied by the documentation that certifies it, only if you buy them through this website.