Domingo Carranza weaves Panama hats of supreme quality

The extra fine Panama hats that are made for customers with special orders, are real jewels available to a few experts who value this handmade work done by Domingo Carranza
Extra fine Panama hat woven by Domingo Carranza. Export quality

Collectors from all over the world know the work of Master Domingo Carranza.

From time to time a special order arrives to my workshop. An order almost always preceded by a contact through a third party who acts as an intermediary between the client and the craftsman. Normally, a jewel is a hat with a grade superior to 45, my record is a grade 61. They are pieces that I make to order, to them I dedicate not less than 8 months of work, hats that require a special preparation of the straw, if possible the selection of the material must be more meticulous and the crack must be much finer to be able to reach these quotas of quality and detail with no problem. Children lovingly molded and given character, are lovingly led in the desired direction. These are hats that, little by little, show their potential as jewels like rough diamonds, showing their facets to the cutter. Their elaboration is very delicate and must be vetoed to failures and imperfections both in the material and in the execution. Some of these orders (that I can reveal) have been made for a former resident of number 10 Downing Street. Five of these hats were shipped to an Arab sheik, who received the order at Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain. A hat that was requested as a requirement to sign a contract, for an actor filming in a city in the south of France. Another hat that was given to a Russian citizen established in London and linked to the soccer’s world. Another one that travelled to a mansion in Kay Biscayne and was worn during the US Open. These children also represent me and are the ones who have made me so proud, the ones who make this new stage in my career possible. If you are interested in a hat of this level, don't hesitate to write to me. I will be pleased to do my best and greatest effort.

Domingo Carranza calls this geometric pattern that is drawn by observing the fabric to the light as the flower of life. High quality Panama hats generate extraordinary patterns.
Detail of the geometric design of a handmade Panama hat