Domingo Carranza social leader

Domingo Carranza has been for years not only a master craftsman, he is also a community leader concerned that the youth of his community preserve the art of weaving Panama hats.
Weavers' workshop school. Pile, Ecuador.

For some years now I belong to ASOPILEHATS, this is an association that groups part of the artisans who are dedicated to the production of toquilla straw hats. Many of us are linked to the Weavers' workshop school. Some of us as teachers, others as apprentices, we wish to preserve this art that has been transmitted from generation to generation; only and exclusively through oral tradition and the irreplaceable routine of seeing and repeating when we are children what we see our parents and grandparents weave for hours.

Weaving is innate to our community, but we must professionalize and perfect our art in order to offer our products directly. This is one of my objectives, that is why whenever I can and when my community requires it, I try to participate in all those activities aimed at ensuring that young people do not abandon this art.

The school is one of the fundamental projects to fulfill this purpose. Each of us must contribute our grain of sand so that the century-old tradition that we treasure in our intangible heritage may be known by our grandchildren and by the grandchildren of our grandchildren.

Occasionally some of our clients, wants to collaborate in this arduous task, if this is your case and you want to make a contribution either financially or materially, I will be very grateful to receive that help and to involve all members of our community. The last donations I have received were destined to buy a specialized ironing station and to finance this E-Commerce project, made by my great friend Ausberto Hernández, from Spain in July 2018. Thanks to these contributions many humble families can have an opportunity to dignify their work.

Domingo Carranza has worked decisively to group the artisans in an association that helps to obtain the best conditions for Panama hat producers.
Domingo Carranza receives recognition from his community.